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Test glaze samples made by Tessa Eastman
Test glaze samples made by Tessa Eastman


Tessa has taken forward and expanded upon her knowledge and in-depth glaze research carried out during her Masters at the Royal College of Art. She aims to awaken gratification of the physical senses and selects colours and surfaces for their blending and clashing qualities. Her expressive use of glaze enhances the harmony and discord of the sculptural form. The arousing and soothing qualities of the glazed surface reflect the fluidity of human sensations. Through glaze, sculptures become animated and allow one to reflect on impermanent states of existence.

Each glaze is made up of a recipe of mineral constituents. There are vast variations, and accidents can provide for exciting effects. Tessa has an archive which is a work in progress and includes glazes which melt at different temperatures, producing unpredictable effects. She applies glaze by brushing so several recipes can be applied at once and brushing is more economical whereby smaller batches can be mixed. 

Glazes are deliberately applied too thickly or too much water is added, causing the glaze to fire abnormally. Her glazes are purposely intended to transform in accidental ways and many depend on ingredients with a tiny particle size, reducing movement and encouraging shrinkage. Texture depends on ingredients which produce chemical reactions. Layering glaze will produce a smooth effect, or a moon-like surface with holes that one can see into. Colours can alter when oxides are added and recorded recipes inspire and assist with the further advancement of work.

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