cloud bundles and other stories 2014 to present


I am committed to the challenge of hand-building in clay, using various techniques to create complex ceramic sculptures. The often overlooked detail of bone, cloud, crystal and microscopic structures are observed as a starting point to developing pieces which possess a curious ambiguity. I aim to fix un-graspable states such as fleeing cloud formations which represent both the ideal and the perishable, signifying doom and fantasy. The strange otherworldliness of natural phenomena transports me away from the mundane and I become excited when fixed ceramic form seems alive, evoking awareness of life’s impermanence where not all makes sense. I am fascinated by the disruptive dynamism formed when repetitive growth patterns in living systems mutate as this produces tension.

Grouping sculptures enhances their unique persona as they form a dialogue, which generates an atmosphere of congruence and conflict. Contrast assists in generating an awkward air where geometry and irregularity, order and chaos, soft and hard evoke awareness of the impermanence of human emotions. Voluminous cloud shapes exploring the theme of space pushing out are juxtaposed with opposing harsh mesh structures that reveal the internal. This relationship between internal and external relates to receptacles and the body where the void is a life force. Time is devoted to glaze testing and multiple firing. Equally through use of rich glaze surface and three dimensional forms, pieces develop depth of character.

Bending Clouds

Caves Of Wonder

Standing Clouds

Cocoon Cloud Copper Gold thumbnail

Cocoon Clouds

Cloud Bundles

Residing Clouds

Erupting Earth Cloud Cluster thumbnail, a ceramic sculpture by Tessa Eastman

Erupting Cloud Clusters

Cloud Bundles and Other Stories

Sprouting Limitless Clouds

Cloudburst 2018 detail, a glazed ceramic sculpture by Tessa Eastman


Ball Clouds thumbnail

Ball Clouds

Concealed Clouds

Baby Cloud Bundles

Red Black Cloud thumbnail, a ceramic sculpture by Tessa Eastman

Cloud Bundles

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