strange dreams and mother nature 2002-2014


I combine the themes of nature, toys, innocence, experience, pleasure and pain. I get a thrill from entertaining the viewer, providing an escape into visual delight. Work is hand built with controlled drying to prevent cracking. Plaster moulds of toys are made to create clay casts. Pieces are glazed fired up to four times to achieve richness of gloss and colour.

“Like an engaging child’s fantasy story, or perhaps a strange dream that runs the gambit of the beautiful to the beastly, Tessa Eastman’s ceramic sculptures bring to life a colourful and eventual world where nature, flowers, insects and fruit are enriched and transformed by the weird and the wonderful. Strange monsters and creatures, contorted bodies and topsy-turvy jumps in scale create a weave of complex relationships that are both playful and disturbing. The pieces may appear to be attractive items one can idly cast one’s eye over, enjoying the rich colouring and bold imagery, perhaps without too much thought but that supposition does not last very long once the gaze becomes more penetrating. Once one crosses this line all hell can break loose.” – Derek Marks, Artist

octopussy and pows

Octopussy and Pows

spikey horney pinky whitey bunny

Puzzle Pieces

cakes thumbnail


mama maraca mice

Mother and Child

wizzas and graces

Wizzas and Graces

fookie fookie (side)

Four Poster Beds

dotty boots

Self Portraits

mother nature

Mother Nature



dinner time

Dinner Time

beetle on peeping pea pod

Autumn Time

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