Classes and Kiln Firing Service

Tessa believes it is essential for ceramic artists to pass on their skills to others. She is an experienced ceramics tutor and is considered an expert in her field. Tessa has taught in art colleges, schools and adult education, running classes, workshops and holding ceramics events for adults and children of all ages and abilities. She has a ceramics Masters degree from The Royal College of Art, and with twenty years of professional ceramics practise and thirteen years of teaching experience, her advice is sought after by people looking to begin their interest in ceramics and those wishing to take their knowledge further.

Ceramic skills can only be acquired through dedication and Tessa says ‘it is by working together that the student and teacher can become improved makers, because whilst the teacher becomes more conscious of their skills, the student becomes better informed and more able to create in clay’.

All classes take place in well-equipped studios using an extensive range of and clays and glazes. Beginners are introduced to the varied methods of using clay to produce functional, artistic works. These range from everyday items including tiles, bowls, pots, jugs and dishes to sculptural forms. Decoration is explored through the use of coloured liquid slips, glazes and oxides, alongside experimentation with surface printing and sprigging. More experienced students have the opportunity to build upon their skills and progress to wheel throwing and pulling handles.

The emphasis of all classes is to feel well and enjoy making and learning in a sociable and creative environment. Sessions are designed for all levels and abilities, with each individual working at their own pace. Courses allow for students to improve and provide creative exchange. Students are encouraged to investigate new ideas, techniques and the work of contemporary and historical makers.

Tessa Eastman classTessa Eastman classhands on wheel



Tessa teaches ceramics classes at the Heatherley School of Art in Chelsea, West London.
Courses include Thursday and Saturday ceramics classes.
Tessa also regularly works with the Heatherley Sculpture Diploma students.
To book please enrol online or call 020 7351 4190.
Watch a 3 minute film on Ceramics at Heatherleys and an 8 minute film on the Sculpture Diploma at Heatherleys.



Tessa teaches ceramics classes at the Kiln Rooms in Peckham, South-East London.
Courses include Monday and Tuesday evening ceramics classes.
To book please send a message or call 079 5193 2005.



For focused classes with fast progression, Tessa is available for private tuition one on one or in small groups in her studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, Central London.
Private ceramics tuition is an opportunity to spend an intensive period of time increasing handbuilding and/or throwing skills under expert guidance.
Students will be assessed individually for their learning requirements and lessons can be used to troubleshoot recurring issues.
Tessa has in-depth glaze knowledge and also teaches private classes on glaze science and glaze chemistry that are tailored to the needs of the individual.
The cost is £70.00 an hour per person, inclusive of materials and kiln firing. The price reflects the size of the class, quality of teaching and the personal guidance received. Bookings are confirmed by advance payment.
Please get in touch to discuss lesson details.



Tessa runs a London based kiln firing service from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, Central London.
There are kiln shelves available for work to be stacked inside the kiln.
Please ask for advice regarding correct firing temperatures only when you have work ready for firing.
Combustible materials including paperclay create a vast amount of smoke and cannot be fired.
The smallest kiln costs £35.00 a firing with a square chamber size of: length 228.5 x width 228.5 x height 228.5 mm.
The medium kiln costs £50.00 a firing with a round chamber size of: width 410 x diameter 410 x height 340 mm.
The largest kiln costs £70.00 a firing with a round chamber size of: width 650 x diameter 650 x height 570 mm.
Prices are determined by size and cover packing and unpacking, kiln programming and electricity. Bookings are confirmed by advance payment.
A firing takes two days to complete. Delivery and collection days and times are arranged upon booking.
Work for biscuit firing will not be fired on time if it arrives in the studio and is not fully dry.
Pieces for glaze firing must have their bases 100% clean from glaze and 1 cm must be wiped away up the sides from the base to prevent work sticking to shelves and destroying work and shelves. Glazed work cannot be fired if the glaze is applied thicker than 0.3 cm and please double check glaze thickness by pin pricking using a needle.
If you wish to glaze work in the studio after a biscuit firing there is a fee of £30.00 an hour which includes glaze application assistance.
Please note that no responsibility is taken for ceramic faults where the kiln has fired correctly because these faults are due to issues in the making and drying process.
Please get in touch with the type of clay and glaze used and the quantity of pieces with their dimensions for an estimate of how much will fit into the kiln.