Puzzle Pieces

spikey horney pinky whitey bunny

Spikey Horney Pinky Whitey Bunny (front & back)enquire
2012 – glazed ceramic – H240xW250mm

sweetie anti eater

Sweetie Anti Eaterprivate collection
2012 – glazed ceramic – H180xW150mm

black widow smartie sonic hedgehog

Black Widow Smartie Sonic Hedgehog (front & back)private collection
2012 – glazed ceramic – H180xW220mm

wailing not drowning

Wailing Not Drowningenquire
2013 – glazed ceramic – H360xW360mm

teddy luvvie oldie woldie gogo crazy mega boney starry nighty sleppy tightie squirrel

Teddy Luvvie Oldie Woldie Gogo Crazy Mega Boney Starry Nighty Sleepy Tighty Squirrelenquire
2013 – glazed ceramic – L180xW180xH260mm

great little britain

Great Little Britainprivate collection
2012 – glazed ceramic with 22 carat gold lustre – W180xH260mm

big feet

Big Feetenquire
2013 – glazed ceramic, decals and pearl lustre – L290xW220xH130mm

suit up, show up, shut up

Suit Up, Show Up, Shut Upenquire
2013 – glazed ceramic – L250xW160xH140mm

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