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Artist's statement

I am committed to the challenge of hand-building in clay. The often overlooked details of micro-organic structures are observed to develop sculptures of a curious ambiguity. I aim to fix ungraspable states such as fleeting cloud formations, representing the ideal and the perishable, doom and fantasy. The strange otherworldliness of natural phenomena transports me away from the mundane and I become excited when fixed ceramic form seems alive, evoking awareness of life’s transience. I am fascinated by the disruptive dynamism created when repetitive growth patterns in living systems mutate through flow and digression.

Grouping sculptures enhances their persona as they form a dialogue, generating an atmosphere of congruence and conflict. Dissimilar themes such as the appearance of softness in relation to hardness, order versus chaos and geometry alongside irregularity evoke awareness of the impermanence of emotion. Voluminous cloud-like shapes exploring space pushing outwards are juxtaposed with mesh structures revealing the internal. This tension between internal and external relates to pots where positive and negative space are equally valued and to the body where the void permits life. It is through sensitivity to form and surface that sculptures become animated. Colour is achieved through in-depth glaze enquiry. Matt and shiny, coarse and smooth and hot and cool glazes provide depth of character.


Baby Cloud Bundles

Baby Crystalline Clouds

Ball Clouds

Bending cocoon clouds

Caves of Wonder

Cloud Bundles



Concealed Clouds

Crater Explorations

Creatures of the Deep

Crystal Formations


Erupting Cloud Clusters

Ladder to Clouds

New Arrivals

Pollinating Creatures

Residing Clouds

Sprouting Limitless Cocoon Clouds

Standing Clouds

Subservient Creatures

Symbiotic Creatures

Ladder To Cloud Miniatures 2021 - ongoing

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