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Tessa Eastman and ceramicist lifting a ceramic sculpture out of a kiln

Kiln firing service

Tessa runs a London based kiln firing service from her studio at Cockpit Bloomsbury, central London.

There are kiln shelves available for work to be stacked inside the kiln.

Please ask for advice regarding correct firing temperatures only when you have work ready for firing.

Combustible materials including paperclay create a vast amount of smoke and cannot be fired.


The large kiln costs £100.00 a firing with a round chamber size of: 650 diameter x 570mm high.

The medium kiln costs £50.00 a firing with a round chamber size of: 410 diameter x 340mm high.

The small kiln costs £40.00 a firing with a square chamber size of: 220 long x 220 wide x 220mm high.

Prices are determined by size and cover packing and unpacking, kiln programming and electricity.

More details

Bookings are confirmed by advance payment.

A firing takes two days to complete. Please specify upon booking which day and time you will deliver and collect. The available slots are Sundays at 3pm, Tuesdays at 12 noon or Fridays at 6pm.

Work for biscuit firing will not be fired on time if it arrives in the studio and is not fully dry.

Pieces for glaze firing must have their bases 100% clean from glaze and 5mm must be wiped away up the sides from the base to prevent work sticking to shelves and destroying work and shelves. Glazed work cannot be fired if the glaze is applied thicker than 3mm. Double check glaze thickness by pin pricking using a needle.

Please note the firing service does not include glazing and items need to be collected and brought back once glazing has been completed. No responsibility is taken for ceramic faults where the kiln has fired correctly because these faults are due to issues in the making and drying process.

To enquire about kiln firing services, please give details about the quantity of pieces to fire with their dimensions, type of clay and glaze, and their firing temperature. Include your delivery and collection dates.

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