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To celebrate Cockpit Open Studios, we are showcasing work by seven artisans creating playful homeware, statement making jewellery, socially-aware sculpture and ready-to-wear artwork.

23rd Nov 2023

The Ceramics Edit spotlights a few of the varied, boundary-pushing, slow-made and long-lasting ceramics that come out of Cockpit Studios.

19th Oct 2023

FiredUp4 is working with Adam Partridge to present the third fundraiser auction, being held live and online on 19th Oct 2023. The UK’s leading ceramic artists are donating their work to auction to raise funds to place clay into the hands of the young within the network of Youth Zones across the UK.

Oct 2023

Curated by Brian Kennedy, the Cromwell Place exhibition In Residence III features gallery artists & key international artists. It is accompanied by a catalogue with essays by Sean Rainbird, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland & Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of The Design Edit & fine art writer.

June 2023

A passion for ceramics: The collectors is the second of a two part investigation where ceramic artist Tim Martin explores the whys & ways private collectors create collections, & how influential the galleries & secondary market are to collectors.

Issue 321

May/June 2023

Textures of the Earth - contemporary woodwork & ceramics. Highlighting six makers whose work revels in the textures & forms of the earth, from jagged volcanic shapes to rounded, organic surfaces. Each maker is a craft master, working in dialogue with natural materials to let clay, glaze & wood speak.

10th March 2023

Viewpoint - cultural leader and social entrepreneur Annie Warburton on why we need to cultivate craftsmanship

Issue 23

Nov 2022

Contemporary British Ceramics Book Review

Issue 92

Aug 2022

Inspiratie Momenten

Issue 91

July 2022

Going Potty For Ceramics - booming pottery classes has led to a reappraisal of ceramics as an art form writes Dominic Lutyens

Winter 2022

How a new breed of ceramics is taking over the design world by Dominic Lutyens

24th Sept 2021

Object Lessons with curators/artistic matchmakers Peter Ting and Brian Kennedy - pieces should be chosen not for their value but for the stories they tell us

Aug 2021

FBC London in New York. Head in the Clouds by Phebe Wahl

Aug 2021

Tessa Eastman Alchemical Aesthetics by Kay Whitney

Permission has been given to make it available here.
Copyright The American Ceramic Society.

March 2021

The Context of Technique by Lauren Mabry

1st March 2021

FBC London Carves Out a Permanent Home in Manhattan

19th Feb 2021

Curated Contemporary Art

9th Feb 2021

Tessa Eastman Interview

31st Jan 2021

Crafting a Difference - the work of 75 international artists and designers in a Georgian townhouse

20th Jan 2021

Happy Corner with Peter Ting

Jan 2021

Featured Artist Tessa Eastman

10th Aug 2020

Dripping With Understanding

Vol 59 No 2
July 2020

Permission has been given to make it available here.
Copyright The Australian Ceramics Association.

A Piece of Paris in Notting Hill

25th Jan 2020

Inside K11 Artus’ Artisanal Penthouse with Fiona Barratt-Campbell

25th Dec 2019

Tessa Eastman and Nature's Ambiguities

Maker Of The Month
24th Oct 2019

Tessa Eastman Cloudspotting

10th Oct to 16th Nov 2019

Tessa Eastman Cloudspotting

26th Sept 2019

PIK'D Your Favourite Art Piece

Aug-Sept 2019

Experience 'living breathing culture' at Doddington Hall's Summer of Ceramics

26th July 2019

Moments of Inspiration

Issue 55 
July 2019

Masterclass with Tessa Eastman

Issue 297 
May-June 2019

Tessa Eastman at Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste

Issue 723 
May 2019

Tessa Eastman - Strange Nature

Issue 781 
May 2019

Tessa Eastman at Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste

April 2019

Bridging the Divide: The Poised Sculpture of Tessa Eastman by Ashley Thorpe

Issue 111
Jan 2019

Crazing Ceramics - seven piping hot ceramics straight from the kiln

9th Jan 2019

2019-20 Future Consumers & CMF Trend

Volume 223
Dec 2018

Art House

Issue 275
Nov-Dec 2018

Bizarre Beauty

Issue 294
Nov-Dec 2018

Making Space Event

14th Aug 2018

Potclays - from mud to work of art

Issue 17
July-Aug 2018

Colour in Ceramics Part II

Issue 41
May 2018

Colour in Ceramics Part I

Issue 39
March 2018

The Things to Come at Collect 2018 - Eye on Britain

21st Feb 2018

Inside London's Newest Contemporary Ceramics Show

17th Nov 2017

Young Masters celebrates art history through the eyes of international contemporary artists

Issue 106
Oct 2017

Tresor, a new fair debuts in Basel

26th Sept 2017

Meet the Maker with FBC London

Issue 64
Sept 2017

6 Female Artists Demonstrate Pottery's Subversive Potential

28th July 2017

London Creative Network Story: Ceramicist Tessa Eastman

July 2017

Cockpit Arts Open Studio

Issue 267
July-Aug 2017

Young Masters Art Prize: Eyes on the Future, Echoes of the Past

15th June 2017

Colour Duo

No. 214
May-June 2017

On the Cutting Edge of Tradition

16th March 2017

Michal Fargo and Tessa Eastman

11th March to 15th April 2017

Tessa Eastman and Michal Fargo at Puls

Issue 2
March-April 2017

Emergency Call

Issue 264
Jan-Feb 2017

Puls Contemporary Ceramics

Issue 26
Autumn-Winter Dec 2016

MP takes a spin in new education hub

20th May 2016

Ones to watch

Issue 278

March-April 2016

The Editing Eye

Dec-Jan 2015-16

In the Air

Nov-Dec 2015

Open Your Art

Issue 36
Oct 2015

The Top 5 Designers at RCA's 2015 Graduate Show

1st July 2015

Royal College of Art Work in Progress 15: Ceramics & Glass

3rd Feb 2015

Behind the Scenes: The Artists

Issue 23
July-Aug 2014

London Potters Member Profile

Issue 150
Aug-Sept 2012

Sweets For My Sweet Sugar For My Honey

Issue 250
July-Aug 2011

Emerging Talent

Issue 226
July-Aug 2007

Company's Act of Enlightenment

10th June 2004

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